My story.... 


I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa . Inja means "dog" in Zulu - one of the native South African languages. We immigrated to Sydney in 2009. 


I always remember having a dog in the house whilst growing up . I have to admit , I was never overly enamoured with them. It was when my middle daughter, Sam turned 8 and asked for a puppy that my love affair with "oodles" began . Sam got her wish - a Cavoodle named Toffee. He was however so much more than just her gift - he was a gift to us all . He instantaneously bought love , joy and completeness to our family. We wondered how we had ever been without him. 

Two years later and with a tree change decision made ; we moved away from the Upper North Shore of Sydney to set up home on a lifestyle block of 5 acres in beautiful Kurrajong - just 1 hour North West of Sydney . We had a gorgeous home ; gorgeous gardens and 1 dog . It was time to start thinking about a friend for Toffee.  In my search for this friend I stumbled across a breeder named Tamaruke and learnt of the guardian home program for their breeding mum's and dad's. I loved the idea of being a piece of the puzzle of creating these animals that give such joy!  Within a couple of weeks - we collected Hazel. On visiting Hazel after she had delivered her first litter.... we fell in love with all her pups of course - and did land up getting one of her daughters, Roxi - who too was going to be on the breeding 1 became 3. 

I had fallen hook, line and sinker in love . With having had stressful corporate roles most of my life  - I realised that the more I dealt with people, the more I wanted to spend time with my dogs!! This said 3 dogs was our limit!


Being the eternal optimist I am ; I decided we didn't need to get another dog ourselves - we would just look after other peoples! As such KurrajongOodles was born - an exclusive farm stay for all things "oooooooo". You basically bring your "ooooo" and they live with us in our home as one of our own - no kennels, just a spot on the couch. I saw from my guests how much joy and love they gave each of the families they belonged to.  


Through KurrajongOodles - my path crossed with the amazing owner of Vineyard Labradoodles;  Leigh Lewis.  Leigh agreed to be my mentor at guided and helped me to piece together my own puzzle of creation . Inja Labradoodles was born. 

My aim is to create these amazing bundles of joy, in our home , in an ethical way, with all my love - getting them ready to bring love into your family. 



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